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A taste of Mexico, Central de Abastos

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A taste of Mexico, is the theme we gave this tour in wich we invite you to live a real experience visiting the largest market in the world, with 328 hectares (810 acres) of  terrain. Imagine,one hallway is 1 kilometer.

The Central de Abastos is hectic, alive almost 24/7, and hast it’s own ecosistem. The market handls about 30,000 tons of merchandise every day. Just imagine how many people work there.

The Central de Abasto (Supply Center) is Mexico City’s main wholesale market for fresh produce and other process foods and it runs similarly to traditional public markets. It was constructed to be the meeting point for producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers for the entire country.

Every day there is an auction, for full trucks full of fresh produce. Even though they are mainly howlsalers, there is one hallway for retail and regular consumers, we will visit it and stop at the taco stand for a little taste of Mexico.

A taste of Mexico is a cultural experience

Beside how interesting it’s to see all the movement and shop arround for fresh produce, there is whole culture movement inside, there are 60 plus murals in the walls around the Central de Abastos.

All from different artist nationals and internationals, some of the paintings depict the life inside the market, some are made with the objectives of ONU 2030 Plan, about sustainability, equality, diversity, nutrition, stop human trafiking, etc. 17 subjects were selected.

Some murals are beautiful, some are harsh, and some are a big statement.

Central de Abastos

Beside the size of the market and the life of the people in it, the murals were made with the purpose to make a social impact in the visitors and people that have their every day life in the premises. Yo can visit it 24 hours and you’ll see activity a trucks coming and going.

Why I decided to start this tours?

I love cooking at home, and I think the best produce, more fresh and best prices are found at the Central the Abasatos. At list once a month I go there to do my groseries, I take advantage of this to entertain at list 20 or so friends and family with a great meal.

Why me?

I have the knowledge adn the experience. I studied hotel management, I also work for Walt Disney World as a cultural representative. I love my country and I have an extended knowledge about Mexico, the food, and the different states that produce it. I have been a travel writer since 1997, travel the world and travel in my country extensevly. I want to show the world the things I love about Mexico.

A taste of Mexico

What’s the itinerary of a Taste of Mexico?

  1. Will meet at my house at 9 am.
  2. Will serve coffee and tea.
  3. Will depart to the Central de Abastos.
  4. First will see some of the murals.
  5. Eat at the taco stand. Where they serve delicious tacos and fresh fruit juice, arround 15 fruits to choose from.
  6. Will talk about some options of menu to cook at home.
  7. Will shop fresh produce.
  8. Before departing will see more of the murals, all are realy different.
  9. Will go home to cook, eat and chill out. Will have beer and a taste of tequila or mezcal.

How long dose it take?

From 9 am to 2 pm

How much does it cost?

60 dollars per person just a morning visit to the central and a taco and a fresh fruit drink.

100 dollars a full experience visit the central buy groceries and cook at home.

Group size

5 people maximum

Upon special request we can acommodate a larger group with at list one month in advance.

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